What events are around you?
Thumm is an application that brings events to you live. Gone are the days of having to travel to an event and for it be a complete waste of time. View the event before you get there and know exactly what is going on by receiving live reviews and live feeds from users that are actually at the event. Thumm provides you an alternative into finding events around you, in which, many times there are events that you would love to go to but have no ideal that they are even going on. Until now there has been no way to monitor the live vibe of an event, at Thumm we like to say everyday there is an unique experience at any given venue.
The application is free and Coming soon to the App store
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iOS 7 Twitter integration
@Thumm Ambassadors still needed! Gain an interactive experience working for a mobile app star up company Email: ambassador@thumm.me with resume or any questions & concerns #startups #ambassadors #dc
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Are you an event planner?
As an event planner you will have the ultimate control of the events you host. Your events will bring you a Thummp rank as an event planner, which will build your reputation as a host and bring more people to your event. In order to know how well you performed, we provide the ability in aggregating data from the events to show how well you did and how you are trending on social media. Lastly, we provide event planner the opportunity to market to new individuals that aren't aware of a party in the neighborhood.
Do you own a venue?
As a venue owner your purpose is to draw as many consumers as possible to your venue. Many times visitors and even locals know thing about your venue because of no one in their circle knows. Conveniently, Thumm evens out with a thump score which will bring all people to your events if your score is high enough.

Download link to Thumm